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Dance Butterfly Dance and Burn Butterfly Burn are now available in AUDIO!

Full cast narration by:
Maeve York, Christian Black, Vincent Skye, Matt Haynes

When she left, they fell apart. Now she’s back and it’s her turn to Fall.

Falls Like Rain is a small town, second chance, why choose romance with lots of sweetness, humor, detailed steam, healing and a touch of angst.

Savy St. James is a sad lonely girl with too many secrets to count.

A contemporary why choose romance set in the third year of university. Multi POV, multiple love interests, very detailed high steam scenes, No full MM but a fluid scene with her in the middle.

What’s a Butterfly to do when she gets too close to the flames?
Fly, fly away and start her own damn fire, that’s what.

Burn Butterfly Burn is book 2 of the Masked duet and completes the story.

On the run, living in their car as winter sets in, Avery will do whatever it takes to hide from a monster and keep her daughter safe. One good deed on a snowy night, changes everything.

This sweet and steamy, contemporary romance standalone has references to domestic abuse that may cause triggers. The main heroine finds love with all three men as they heal each other and become a family.

How do you survive time travel to 17th century France…while wearing a bathrobe…with nothing to help you but an iPhone? How do you avoid being burnt at the stake as a witch for possessing that ‘magical’ evil iPhone?

Book 1 in the Time After Time series is a high steam, comedy filled, supernatural, time travel romance where the heroine finds love with all four of her men.


662 – Days since the dead rose up
413 – Days since I’ve spoken to another living human
4 – Men who have climbed my fence looking for safety
1 – Last chance for Love

This isn’t a blood and gore zombie novel. It’s full of comedy, over protective men that just want to take care of her and a ton of sexy steam that happens behind a set of double fences.


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