Unbreak Me

There’s ninety two dollars and fifty seven cents hidden in a Ziploc bag in the lining of the couch along with a double stack of polaroid pictures that might buy me some time.

Every person who has met my husband thinks he’s the most charming man and would never believe what he does to me behind these four walls. And now, I see my five year old daughter’s arm in a cast. Something I vow never to let happen again.

Ninety two dollars and fifty seven cents. It’s not enough, but it will have to be.

This sweet and steamy, contemporary romance standalone has references to domestic abuse that may cause triggers. The main heroine finds love with all three men as they heal each other and become a family.

On the run, living in their car as winter sets in, Avery will do whatever it takes to hide from a monster and keep her daughter safe. One good deed on a snowy night, changes everything.

3 former military men and 1 German Shepherd with their own damage, take the mother and daughter in. They fall hard for Avery and Chloe and will burn the world down to keep them safe.

Easton – carries the guilt of failure at losing half his unit in their last engagement. He sees too many parallels to his own childhood trauma with Avery and Chloe. His honor demands that he care and protect them. He fights his attraction to Avery with an iron will.

Zack – The charming playboy had his self-esteem gutted by the scars his body carries and the loss of his leg. One tiny girl has him changing his prospective on his injuries. Avery sees the man not the injury and the hole inside him slowly begins to fill with a love he never thought he’d have a chance at again.

Ryker – His sheer size and bulk intimidate and keep a safe distance between him and others. A man of few words, his main forms of communication are long drawn out growls and grunts. The tiny wisp of a girl cracks all his armor with her sweetness and her mother feels like a missing piece of his soul when she’s in his arms. When he finds the man who hurt them, he will annihilate him in the most painful way possible.

Kanga (dog) – The lady makes his pack happy and her female pup reminds him that there’s fun to be had, dimming the memories of bullets and bombs that took him and his pack out of the fight.

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