Dying to Love

662 – Days since the dead rose up
413 – Days since I’ve spoken to another living human
4 – Men who have climbed my fence looking for safety
1 – Last chance for Love

Kelsey survived the start of the apocalypse and thrived in the new world with help from her friends but now they’re gone. Alone for over a year and mentally broken with high anxiety, she pushes through every day trying to find the will to keep going. Until three sweet, sexy men and one hot a**hole climbs her fence looking for sanctuary.

With her best friend, Tara haunting her with outrageous antics, she needs to decide if she wants to keep dying a little bit day by day or if she can grab on to what these sexy men offer her and maybe find love.
Also, zombies make a few cameos.

This isn’t a blood and gore zombie novel. It’s full of comedy, over protective men that just want to take care of her and a ton of sexy steam that happens behind a set of double fences.

Linc – Tall and broad with too many muscles to count, he carries the crushing weight of responsibility to see his brothers through safely. Kelsey give him the chance to lay his burdens down and her sweetness and crazy quirks has his body burning to be with her.
Oliver – Calm, cool, in control of his emotions until Kelsey flips all that control on its head and tangles him into knots. Only her sweet, sexy mouth can smooth out those knots so he can find peace.
Grayson – A hard, cut body and dimples a girl would want to lick. His sweetness and charm hides a darker side that takes Kelsey’s desire to the next level.
Devin – Is a dick. Long black hair and ice blue eyes, his attitude hides the devastation and guilt he lives with every moment of every day. He recognizes the darkness in Kelsey and wants her in any way he can have her. Hate sex will work.
The Hens – Snookie, J-Wow, Cardie and the rest are firmly on Kelsey’s crazy train and flock it up every chance they get. They also throw a hell of a dance party. Admiral the cock watches over them all.

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